Sunday, August 19, 2012

Confessions of an Apple Fanboy - I love Spotify

I admit it. I love Apple. I try to use what they make because for a long time they were truly best in class. That is sadly no longer the case.

I have been using Spotify ever since it came out in the US. It has it's issues but it is by far a superior product when it comes to music consumption. Sure it's 10 buxs a month but it is totally worth it.

For 10 buxs I get unlimited music. It's just like iTunes but all the songs are turned on and work. There are no 90 second previews, just full tracks.

I used to think that iTunes Match was a good solution. The only problem is it does not work very well. It's slow. iTunes will often hang and fail to load songs. To see what songs are being downloaded you have to leave the iTunes app and go over to the iTunes store app. I have no clue why someone thought this was a good idea.

So after thinking long and hard about a very serious icon move, iTunes and my massive music library has been moved out of the iPhone dock and replaced by Spotify.

Good bye iTunes. You have served me well for many years but you have been replaced. I have tried to be loyal but cannot remain faithful to you. You have fallen behind. I hope you are reborn soon.

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