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Monday, July 23, 2012

Your Grace is Enough

His grace is enough. I love the verse about wrestling with the sinners heart. My prayer for today is that I remember God and his faithfulness. That I meditate on his grace being enough. I pray today for grace. For not only is it enough, it is everything. It is by grace that I live. It is by grace that I move. It is by grace that he saves me. It is his grace that lets me serve him. Grace...It is truly is amazing! Great is your faithfulness oh God You wrestle with the sinner's heart You lead us by still waters and to mercy And nothing can keep us apart Pre Chorus: So remember your people Remember your children Remember your promise Oh God Chorus: Your grace is enough Your grace is enough Your grace is enough for me Verse 2: Great is your love and justice God You use the weak to lead the strong You lead us in the song of your salvation And all your people sing along Chorus 2: Your Grace is enough Heaven reaching down to us Your Grace is enough for me God, I see your grace is enough I'm covered in your love Your grace is enough for me For me

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