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Monday, July 23, 2012

You Shall Rest

Dont think anymore,
Dont read anymore,
Dont strive anymore,
Knowledge will fade. So...
Rest my Child, Rest in Me.

My burden is lite. My load is easy. My work is done and I am pleased. So...
Rest my Child, Rest in Me.

Ive laid the foundations,
Deep theyve been dug,
They were poured long ago by the sovereign above. So...
Rest my Child, Rest in Me.

Ive had laid upon me your guilt and Gods wrath. I head silence from Heaven as I suffered for you. Yet you do not rest. You still strive and still seek.
You want to do what I have done for you.

So I will not stop. I shall still work and Ill change your heart and awake it anew.
And by my grace,
and to the glory of my name,

You SHALL rest my child, you will rest in Me.

Written by Me

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