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Monday, July 23, 2012

What Shall I Render to the LORD?

Psalm 116

What shall I render to the LORD........for all his benefits to me? ..I will lift up the cup of salvation........and call on the name of the LORD, ..I will pay my vows to the the presence of all his people.

What a God we serve. A God who hears prayer and responds to his people. He is a God that loves to save. The writer engages with God and calls on the Lord to save him. In doing so he appeals to God on the basis of something that matters. He calls God glory and name into the picture. He goes to the thing that God cares about the most. He goes to the name and character of God.

The writer also ask how shall I repay the Lord. What shall I do because of the wonderful deliverance that he has given me? How shall I render to God my thanks?

The answer is a bit confusing. The psalmist says that he will lift up the cup of salvation and call upon the name of the Lord. This is a strange way to repay someone. If you were to deliver me from great peril you would think it odd if I ask you to save me from yet another peril. But with the King of Glory this is not the case.

The Lord Almighty is a God who saves. He is a sovereign that takes pleasure in delivering his children. He delights when we call on Him. He delights because in those moments of desperation we see where our strength and salvation is. Our strength is the Lord. Our strength is his mighty hand. When we call on him we exalt his name. When we lift high the cup of His salvation we show this world where our strength comes from.

Have you been brought low? Is your soul lost and hopeless? Call on the Lord who is mighty to save. Have you been delivered from death and despair? Has your soul been delivered? If so offer to God what he desires. Lift high the deliverance. Do not stay silent. Do not keep your mouth shut. Praise God. Tell of his deliverance. Tell your friends and strangers of how God Almighty heard your cries and showed mercy. Lift high the cup of His salvation.

But please don't stop there. Go and ask God for more help. Ask the savior to save. Call on His name time and time again. Please never stop doing this. Calling on God for deliverance magnifies his name and exalts him on high. We have a God who loves to deliver his children for his name and his glory. There is no God like Jehovah.

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