Monday, July 23, 2012

The Fathers Good Pleasure

This is verse telling us not to fear. We are being told that things are ok. That the kingdom will be ours. This is interesting. So my question becomes...In what ways do I fear not getting the kingdom. What is the fear that I am fearing? I think that Jesus is telling us that God is good and he gives us good gifts. He is telling us not to fear. Our God is a God who loves to gives gifts. Once again we have a verse that shows the very nature of God. It goes right to something he finds pleasure in. He finds pleasure in giving us the kingdom. It's a verse about what God likes to do. It is not telling us he will...It is not telling us he might, or he could, or he wont...It is telling us it is HIS PLEASURE that motivates him. This shows that God is not acting out of something he has to do. He is acting in total freedom. He is acting according to his will and only his will. While we get something from it...The bottom line is the kingdom is ours simple because it pleases God. This kingdom is ours by birthright. We are Sons of God. We have all the rights of the first born male child. We are heirs with Christ. This is a glorious truth. We get the kingdom. Notice that he says GIVE. We do not earn it. We do not work for it. It is given to us. It is given because of His pleasure.

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