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Monday, July 23, 2012

Spiritual Formation and the Life of the Mind

Most people get excited about concerts or movie openings. I get excited about theologians, pastors, and teachers. So here is my odd idea of fun. It's heading to Biola to audit a 3 day graduate level class by J.P. Moreland called "Spiritual Formation and the Life of the Mind." It's 95 buxs to audit the class. It should be pretty amazing. Who else wants to have 3 days of fun? It will be great. Come join the fun. Contact the office to enroll. 562.906.4570

CSAP 638: Spiritual Formation and the Life of the Mind 
J. P. Moreland, Ph.D. 
October 26 & 27, 2006, 6-10 pm, & Oct. 28, 9 am 5pm 
Sutherland Auditorium, Biola University
Fall 2006 

Coordinating Professor: R. Scott Smith, Ph.D. 
Contact:, 562.906.4570 
Office: Bright Medical Building, Suite 305 (12675 La Mirada Blvd., near Starbucks at the corner of Imperial Hwy & La Mirada Blvd) 

Course Purpose: This course will help the student formulate an overall framework for thinking about Christian maturation and provide specific teaching and application about important areas of that framework. 

Course Objectives: The student will: 
1. Understand the Kingdom Triangle. 
2. Be exposed to the debate about faith and knowledge and develop worldview sensitivity to contemporary worldview struggle. 
3. Understand why spiritual disciplines work and gain fresh insight about the disciplines of solitude, silence and prayer. 
4. Understand how to deal with emotional blockage from the Fall, including depression and anxiety. 
5. Understand the central role of the Kingdom in biblical theology and the implications that follow from that role. 

Course Texts: 
J. P. Moreland, Klaus Issler, The Lost Virtue of Happiness (NavPress, 2006). 
J. P. Moreland, Love Your God with All Your Mind (NavPress, 1997). 
Dallas Willard, Renovation of the Heart (NavPress, 2002). 

All assignments must be submitted through Blackboard (BB; see more details in the section below); no exceptions, unless you are taking the class as a potential MA student. In that case, you may submit them by email to the coordinating professor. 

1. The student is to read all three texts in their entirety and report in Blackboard the percentage of reading completed by Dec. 8. Post your percentage in BB by Dec. 8. (1/4 of the grade) 

2. Read the Gospel of Matthew and write down a reference for every mention of the Kingdom of God (i.e., Heaven). Identity five important aspects of the Kingdom that are central to church and individual maturity. (one page, may be single-spaced). Post this essay to BB by Dec. 8. (1/4 of the grade) 

3. Pick a chapter in Willards Renovation of the Heart and write a five-page outline of the chapter. The outline should be detailed enough for you to teach a class from it. (1/4 of the grade). This outline should be single-spaced. Post it in BB by Dec. 8. 

4. Write a 5-page, double-spaced, essay that interacts with some main concept presented in the class lectures, or in the readings. Try to summarize the ideas concisely (about 1 page), and then assess them, in terms of the extent to which you agree or disagree with them. Give reasons to support your points. In other words, focus on and assess some key strength(s) and weakness(es) of this idea from class or readings. Post the essay in BB by Dec 8. (1/4 of grade). 

Writing tips for this essay: 
A. Use a clear thesis statement to control & direct your essay. The thesis should be stated 
such that: 
1. Your position is clear and well-defined. 
2. It maintains a specific focus. 
3. It answers the so what? question. 
4. It addresses the issue in a specific manner. 
5. It uses specific terms and clear language. 
B. Use citations as needed, and use appropriate formats. 

CSAP 638: Spiritual Formation and the Life of the Mind 
J. P. Moreland, Ph.D. 
October 26 & 27, 2006, 6-10 pm, & Oct. 28, 9 am 5pm 
Sutherland Auditorium, Biola University 
Fall 2006 

Course Schedule: 

6:00pm-10:00pm Thursday, October 26 
6:00 The Kingdom Triangle 
7:00 Spiritual Formation and the Crisis of Meaning 
8:00 Happiness and its Role in Spiritual Maturity 
9:00 Feeding the Mind 

6:00pm-10:00pm Friday, October 27 

6:00 The Nature of Faith and Doubt 
7:00 Epistemic Particularism and Christian Conviction 
8:00 Spiritual Formation and Disciplines 
9:00 Specific Disciplines: Solitude, Silence 

9:00am-5:00pm Saturday, October 28 

9:00 Specific Disciplines: Prayer, Traditional vs. Praise Music 
10:00 Inner Healing and the Effects of the Fall 
11:00 Dealing with Depression and Anxiety 
****Break for Lunch**** 
1:00 Suffering and the Hiddenness of God 
2:00 Kingdom Power and Divine Presence 
3:00 Kingdom Power and Divine Presence 
4:00 Renovation of the Heart

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