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Monday, July 23, 2012


If in this life only we have hoped in Christ we are of all people most to be pitied. I was studying Corinthians last night with some friends. We were talking about perspective. It's good to have perspective in life. It helps to keep things in focus. It was a good night. We spent alot of time talking about the resurrection of Christ. The resurrection is a pivotal event in the Christian faith. If Christ has not been raised from the dead, our faith is in vain. If Christ has not been raised there is no forgiveness of sins. If there is no life after this one, we as Christians are to be pitied most. This helps me to think about my life. Am I living a life that is worthy of being pitied if there is no resurrection? Why would Paul say that we are to be pitied? It is because following Christ requires sacrifice. It requires me dying to myself on a day to day basis. It requires me trusting and hoping in Christ. It requires me surrendering my life and will over to that of God. If there is no resurrection...My faith has been in vain. I have been a fool. If there is no resurrection I should have spent my days going after pleasure. I should have spent my days living for my self. Christ and his resurrection is what the whole of my faith rest on. It's so amazing that my Faith hinges on one thing. Yet the other amazing thing it the resurrection is a public event. It was not some private party. It was not hidden in the back of a room. It was an event for the world to witness. Once again God has made his power know to the world. He dose not hide himself. The only question is what do I do about it? I live life a life of being thankful. I live for Christ who given me life. I live to deny myself and my will. That's not to say this is easy. I struggle everyday with this. How do I live? Am I doing the right thing? Am I killing myself? Am I in God's word? Am I seeking his will or am I seeking my own. So often this leads me to a place of despair. I feel hopeless...I feel lost. I see what a large task it is to follow Christ. I see how sinful and wicked I am. Then I remember the cross. I know that my sins are forgiven. I know that my salvation is brought about not by my works but by the decree of God, the work of Christ as my priest, and the groaning of the spirit. And that moves me forward...That starts another day for. So perspective. If Christ did not die and I am still in my sins. What a sad life I have lived. I praise God that there is a resurrection. I rejoice that I will one day walk with my God.

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