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Monday, July 23, 2012

Genesis 3:15

I've been all over the bible lately. One book that has been getting my mind spinning is Genesis. This is the start of God's revelation to us. Now notice I did not say the beginning of all things. Simple the things that God wants us to know. The whole start of the book is amazing. There is a great story being told. But lets look at a moment at the story of the serpent. The serpent is the devil. Satan. The dragon. That's pretty easy to get to...But there is some interesting things going on here. Satan fall has been linked to the sin of pride. He wanted to be like God. He wanted to set himself up agaist the most high. He wanted to copy God is all that he dose. He is the leader of a rebellion agaist God. We know very little on the orgin of Satan or how he got started. There are some that say he was created wicked. Others say that his pride caused him to fall. One thing we do know is that we are at war with the devil. How did things get to be this way. Well...That's all found in in 3:15. In 3:15 we see God pronounce judgement on Satan. He says that he will create enmity between Satan and the woman. Hmm...This is odd. Enmity? War between Satan and the woman. Should it not be the other way around? Woman sinned. Should the war not be between God and woman? Think about it this way. Satan has caused 1/3 of the angles to fall and has brough them into war against God. Angles who are now aligned with Satan. There is no plan of redemption for these angles. They are now followers of Satan. They are at war with God. God has created a great and wonderful world. He has created man. Man who can reproduce. Who will grow. Man who has been called by God to have dominion. I'm almost sure that Satan was thinking to himself that if he could get man to fall, he would be able to enlist man in his war agaist God. Not only man, but his offspring. So Satan sets out to win the hearts of man. He tempts Eve and Adam. They are now his. Satan thinks he has won. He now has man. And we see this at first. Man hides from God. They are ashamed. They are now at war so to speak. They are not hiding from Satan. There is no need to. They need to hide from God. It was his law they broke. So here we have Satan...He has man in his grips. He is thinking that he will not only have Adam and Eve but all of humanity as well. The 1/3 of the angles are his and cannot be redeemed. Now he has humanity. But he did not see the wisdom of God. God is his wisdom had a plan for the redemption of man. He passes judgement on Satan and tells him that the war will not be between man and God. He tells him the war will be between Satan and Man. This is not what Satan had planned. Not only has Satan now lost man. He will be at war with this woman. Ahh...How his plans have been foiled. Not only did Satan fail to capture man, he will also be destroyed by man. He will be destroyed by Jesus Christ. Man fully man fully man. Wow...So back in the garden we already see election taking place. God has taken sinful man and chose to redeem him. God is saying that he will be the one who decides the terms of this war. Satan will have no say. It's amazing how clear the scriptures are when the focus is taken off of man and placed on God and his purpose. When the focus is no longer on man and back on God and his glory, things start making more sense. I tend to make fun of people like Rick Waren and their version of the gospel. But he starts out right. He says it's not about us, It's about God. Why has God chosen to save us? So the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places. Eph 3:10 What? We are saved to show God wisdom to the angles? Yep! That's why. God loves his glory. God loves his wisdom. God loves himself. That is why he hates pride. He is the only being that can be prideful. So my advice...Change your perspective. View this earth and salvation as God showing his glory to the angles. We are on display to the angles to show God's wisdom. We are but one small part of what he is doing. It's not about you. It's not about me. It's about God and his glory.

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