Monday, July 23, 2012

Emergent General McLaren

This get's right to the problem with Brian Mclaren...It's a funny look at what I've been trying to get at. This is what happens when things are not clear.

This is how Brian Mclaren would fight a battle.

It's the night before the big battle, and our Emergent General Robri McLarebel confidently enters the war room. He strides forward to address the troops under his command. He quickly surveys the room, clears his throat and says:

All right troops, I want you to know that I've been reading a lot of books and magazines lately. Oh yes, I've inhaled a whole bunch of stuff that doesn't have anything to do with warfare at all. It does really make you think. And thinking can be good, unless it's thinking the way those modernists do.

Because I will tell you this, undoubtedly those who think they know for sure what they are doing are arrogant. Of this I am certain, for the most part. And we do know that truth can be an elusive thing when viewed from a different perspective.

So listen up, now here's what we might do tomorrow. We're going to have to take this objective. Ah, er…but maybe it could be the other one. Well, I'm not sure exactly which thing I could be wrong about, so I guess we'll take um, the first one after-all…that is, ah, if you don't mind.

Anyway, we'll attack by–oh, I think maybe we should use a redefined flanking maneuver. Or not, because I'm even sure I'm wrong about what I think I'm right about…at least I'm sure that is what I think…ah, I think…unless of course you think I'm wrong, then you could be right after all.

So go let's get 'em boys…or…not, unless you have a better idea. Then we'll have another conversation and see how you feel about it tomorrow.

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