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Monday, July 23, 2012

A Tired Life

So...Who wants to live a life where you are tired? Who wants to live a life of suffering? Anyone want to live a life for others and not for yourself? There was a statement made by my pastor this morning that hit me. He was talking about our life now and how when we die, we need to die tired. We need to die spent. If we die in comfort and ease, we missed something. I agree. It's so true. It's odd, I struggle so much with trying to live a life of faith. Paul tells us that we are Justified (Made right before God) on the basis of our faith, and our faith alone. This is true. There is nothing that I can add to my salvation. It is a gift from God. I can do nothing for it, I cannot earn it, I can not work for it. Yet James tells us that if we have no works, our faith is a dead faith and dose us no good. This is also true. So often I feel tired, I feel lost, I feel depressed, I feel sad, I know that I am not living the life I should. I'm spending time going after things that do not matter. I should be spening more time on others. I feel so worthless before my God. And I am... Yet there is a great truth that helps to get me back. It is that my salvation rest not in me and my actions, but rest with God and him alone. He has ordained it, Christ has secured it, and the Spirit is given as a promise of my salvation. Things don't get better than that. This is what I have to turn my mind to so often. When trials come and life gets hard (this usually starts the moment I get up and ends when I go to sleep) I need to remember that my God is good. I need to recall that this life is a vapor. My time here short. My real life is hidden in Christ.

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